Somerset Academy Bethany is excited to be able to offer transportation for the 2021-2022 school year. Please note that our bus stops may not necessarily be convenient or close to the home. In an effort to cover a larger geographic region, we offer "depot stops." A depot stop may not be close to your home, but is typically closer than driving to the school.
Please click the link below for the transportation request form. 
For transportation questions, please email

             Bus 1703
6:15   Citrus Ave & 27th Street
6:29  Selvitz Road & St. James Blvd
6:36  Torino Pkwy & Torino Pkwy
6:37  Blanton Blvd & Cleburn Drive
7:00  School
             Bus 2014
6:21   Del Rio Blvd & Bismarck Street
6:24  California Blvd & Sunglow Street
6:27   Abington Ave & Calendar Street
6:33  Savage Blvd & Altara Street
6:41   Tulip Blvd & Pierson Road
7:00   School
             Bus 2216
6:29   Mountwell Street & Fairchild Ave
6:40   Lakehurst Drive & Ivanhoe Drive
6:47   Kingston Street & Riverside Drive
7:00   School

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